Snakes in Eden

March 10, 2009

*&%$ it, my favorite word for darn it. Lagoonieville #6 was given its last read before the final update in the computer. After spending two weeks carefully reading and marking up changes, I finished. One more day and it was off to the publisher. To celebrate, I left the m.s. in my boat’s cockpit (I live aboard) to go have a couple of beers with the other Lagoonies. It rained. By the time I got back the ms was soaked and the only thing left from my red-ink notes were faded red blobs. Two weeks of work gone.

Yep! I went back to Dirty’s Beer Joint and cried in my beer. So #6, Snakes in Eden, will be delayed, but it should be in Amazon and B&N by the end of April.

Hello world!

March 2, 2009

Well, what am I doing? How does this thing work? I’m just a dumb old sailor in the Caribbean. Yep, I’m one of the Lagoonies found in many Lagoonieville colonies throughout the tropics. You may have read about us in the Lagoonieville novel series. If not, check with on the five novels, Lagoonieville, Colombian Secrets, Pirates, Smugglers and Voodoo Meanies, Marooned on Spook Island, and A Smuggler’s Story. (Some folks think that one is about me, but, of course, it isn’t ’cause all the novels are somewhat fiction.)

Y’all got any ideas on how to run this thing, let me know.